Some days in Muaná



In the summer of 2012, I lived in Marajó, a huge river island located at the mouth of the Amazon River in northern Brazil, for two months. In Muaná I worked for an Italian non-governmental-organization for international solidarity, specialising in long-distance adoptions of Brazilian children. It was an unexpected and extraordinary experience for me. This project is the result of my staying in Muaná, a town located on the southern coast of the island. There, I spent every day in close contact with the Rio, so immense, beautiful and violent, and with the people who, by living close to it, move with it and take its likeness. This allowed me to grasp the most peculiar and incredible aspects of this incredible place and its inhabitants, who are as loath as the river itself, with its deep and cryptic nature, typical of those living in the forests of the Amazon.


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